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"Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul."

-Friedrich Froebel,

The Education of Man, 1885


Jr. Preschool Room

Infant and Toddler Program


Our Infant and Toddler Programs provide our youngest children with daily activities to encourage cognitive, physical and social and emotional growth. We have a strong focus on oral language, which is an important building block for later reading success, and a dedication to building strong relationships between children and their first teachers.
Our teachers strive to build strong connections with parents and families as well and enjoy having an open-door policy where parents are welcome at any and all times of their child's day to join them for play, activities or mealtimes.
We strive to create classrooms where parents feel supported, respected and welcome. Teachers communicate with parents through daily notes, emails and journals as they know how important being informed is to parents.
Our infant and toddler programs offer parents and children a safe first -school experience to lay the foundation for a life-long love of learning.


The Infant Classroom
is a bright, cheerful and comfortable room where your baby will have a safe space to explore and play. The environment is engaging and active, but also quiet and tranquil when little ones need to nap.  There are lots of books for reading, music to listen to and a rocking chair for snuggling in when it's time to wind down. The room has large, low windows to look out and see the sun shine, the rain fall and the leaves blow around.  In this home-like atmosphere your baby will get plenty of love and attention.

The Infant/Toddler Room
is a busy place! Whether they are learning to color with crayons or exploring the sand and water table, the infants and toddlers are making new discoveries every day. Growth in all areas of development is happening at rapid speed at this age and we strive to provide the right challenge for each individual child. The classroom is bright and sunny, offering plenty of space for active discovery, exploration and hands-on experimentation. Older infants and young toddlers crave routine and comfort and our experienced teachers provide  a soothing environment while offering developmentally appropriate activities to engage even the youngest of learners. Lots of time is reserved each day for quietly reading story books and cuddling on laps, as even the busiest toddlers need a break to snuggle with a loving adult.

The Older Toddler/Jr. Preschool classroom is just the right place for your busy, curious and rapidly growing child. Older toddlers are active learners and independent thinkers and so we provide many opportunities in which children can have a choice in what they do. We honor and encourage children's new found feelings of independence and offer gentle guidance as they take pride in doing things "all by myself." As in all our classrooms, we have a strong focus on language and literacy to help children build a strong vocabulary and to help lay the ground work for a love for reading. Circle time is a chance to practice budding skills of turn taking and social interactions, while fun activities introduce the new world of learning colors, numbers and letters through songs, movement and games. Just the right physical and cognitive opportunities will keep your older toddler actively learning and playing all day!

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