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The Preschool classroom is an exciting and fun space where adventure awaits each and every day!  Whether it’s a pirate ship in the dramatic play area or a city being built in the block corner, there is always something amazing going on in this room!  Learning centers designed to teach concepts and skills are rotated daily to provide fresh, exciting opportunities for discovery and growth.


The Pre-k Classroom is a busy place where children are beginning to find their place in the world.  Social skills are building during group times and fine and gross motor skills are taking off. Many opportunities are provided throughout the day for artistic and creative expression, as well as the development of writing and pre-reading skills, such as rhyming, vocabulary building and  letter/sound recognition.  Books and reading are a big part of the pre-k classroom and a strong science curriculum has everyone experimenting and developing their sense of wonder.


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Preschool Room

"The proper education of the young does not consist in stuffing their heads with a mass of words, sentences and ideas dragged together out of various authors, but in opening up their understanding to the outer world, so that a living stream may flow from their own minds, just as leaves, flowers, and fruit spring from the bud on a tree."

-John Amos Comenius, Didactica Magna (The Great Didactic), 1638